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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Please read before viewing:
This is the series that established me as a photographer. Its been in two galleries and was dismissed from one because it was deemed "racist". Though not racist, this series is about how judgmental and closed minded our society is and it being deemed "racist" is sheer ignorance and proves that my theory is correct. I took different stereotypes and rituals from American society and I used the Gorilla mask because it stands for where we evolved from.. Gorillas. Instead of showing the subjects emotion/ personality by showing their face, I let the viewers opinion to make the personality of the subject of each photograph. This series is well thought out with lots of iconography so pay attention to it. It was all shot with 120 and 35mm film that I processed by hand and these are scanned prints that I made in the Dark Room. The original prints have already been sold so if your interested in a print let me know so we can work something out. This series is the beginning of my career and im very excited to show this to my friends and family so leave me any questions or comments.


You Can Stop Corporate America


Dinner for Two

Parapper the Rapper

Anatomy 101

Death of the Gorilla

Monday, June 7, 2010

My new friends in Wilmington, DE

This is a series I did in May 2009. This was when I was working under a photographer that I had access to a lot of equipment that most people don't get to touch. I think at some point every novice photographer should take a 10.5mm and go up to random old men and get about 2 feet away from their face and capture their emotion. Learning about all of these men was really interesting. Each had a story and it really was special to me. I learned a lot about myself in this series too. Putting yourself out there and getting reeeeallllllyyy close to strangers that you normally would just walk by was a huge step in my career. It really developed me as a photographer and was a milestone for me. These were taken with a Nikon D3X and a 10.5mm and also a 85mm for the last two photographs.

Band Work

Braver by the 2nd



I thought I lost all of these photographs along with my computer being stolen but I guess I was wrong, thanks to my boyfriend's thumbdrive! Some are digital, some are film.. not really sure what cameras these were taken on. They're just some fun stuff for some good friends!

PLEAASSE help me out and support these bands that i've had the privilege to work with and be friends with!